Chaos & Void - Balance Between Diametric Opposites (shechinah) wrote in bored_2death,
Chaos & Void - Balance Between Diametric Opposites

Why Chemical Treatment is NOT the solution to Chemical Imbalances

The source of the chemical imbalance is not being treated. Only the vessel which holds the chemicals.

The source is our habits.

An example:

One real danger of emerging oneself in the occult,
is a loosening of one's grip upon the common essentials of life.

By virtue of "personal interest", temple ritual easily replaces dwelling/thinking/living space ritual.

What does this tell you about people?


A lack of real comprehension of this phrase in the occultist can be a screaming red flag,
as it may give way to an equaly proportonate lack of rationality in may other places, causing delusion.

In correspondance to the lack of gnosis (deep personal experience through practice) in regard to this phrase, you may as well find it predictable that this person does not possess a realistic understanding to correspond with one's projection (intention) of energy into the universe.

How can an occultist practice their most effective work if they do not even think of things such as "how you think is directly proportionate to what you say", "how you feel is directly proportionate to how you move" and "what you do is directly proportionate to what you get"?

[Also, I must add, how you keep your dwelling/thinking/living space is an exoteric macrocosm which you are living in, that acts as a 'vehicle' for your "surronding intentions". A material manifestation & expression of your desires which you are sharing with the all, as there is subtle (and not-so subtle) symbolic value in all mater which surrounds you.]

Occult knowledge means jack shit, when you lack skills in life.

If people were here, feeling defeated, they may say something like "Well, we can't ALL be as strong as you!"

This, of couse is poppycock.

We can all be as strong as we chose.

Those who chose to be victims, havn't the strength to accept responsibility for their own downfalls.
"Things happen" to them on a vey real level, because they've hypnotized themselves to this condition or state where this is the way their mind processes reality. This is what their perception tells them. That the world outside of their bodies is what made them how they are.

Oh, yes, it has. This is true..

They have allowed their environment to shape and mold them, by virtue of a chronological chain of reactions during their emotionally formative years.

Their mind processes the world as "out to get" them.

When this phenomenon happens in an intense and repetitious enough frequency, we have schizophrenia.
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