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we're so bored. we're so bored. we're so bored. bored, bored, bored, [entries|friends|calendar]
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[29 Jun 2013|08:46pm]

dog_eat_dog_lj is a new interactive game played on Livejournal and we are looking for players.

Come join and be in the chance to win a paid livejournal account for 1 year!

Compete in fun challenges against other players.

Have fun and maybe even make some new friends.

Nothing to lose, but lots to gain. Why not?!
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[12 Nov 2009|05:44pm]

How incredible dead silent it is in my college class, and I think I went in the wrong one..

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o8i90asc anofc [03 Sep 2009|02:58pm]

uo ambc pio905xzm, csdpol...
09SM V MKm.v ok-23=0 cJdidgm dio, auoie 4903 vmvhsa ;0-239-

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Me smiling, me giving you a hug, you being a good person....and free internet pizza! [21 Mar 2009|12:20am]

If you all are bored....

You should help me out!
It will take five minutes :]



Polls close April 3rd! If you all would vote and get as many friends to vote/comment as possible I would love you forever!!!! I need 200 more votes! Steal my bandwidth. I don't care!! I love you even if I have no idea who you are!

- Jessica
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Coming Up on OurPrisoner.com [19 Oct 2006|12:54pm]

www.ourprisoner.com is a 24/7 Reality/Variety Show where YOU can control the life of one loser of a man: Kieran Vogel. It's pure insanity but a great way to kill boredom for a while. Click on "LIVE VIDEO" to watch LIVE or click on "ARCHIVES" to see past segments. This is all 100% FREE!!!


Keep checking on www.ourprisoner.com for more updates!

While you're there while you're there check out the bio, blogs, user forums, and our active chat room.

See what all the buzz is about!
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This Week on OurPrisoner.com [11 Oct 2006|12:05am]

[ mood | crazy ]

If you're bored, you should check out http://www.ourprisoner.com. It might unbore you ... for a little while anyway.

Kieran Vogel is the "star" of his own reality internet show, Our Prisoner, that broadcasts live 24/7 on the Internet. You get to vote on all aspects of his life as he is a "prisoner" in his own home. There are all kinds of daily activities planned. In fact...

here's what you can expect this weekCollapse )

See you on http://www.ourprisoner.com - the Internet's only 24/7 LIVE INTERACTIVE REALITY SHOW

Sign up to vote.  And while you're there check out the video archives (past segments), bio, blogs, user forums, and active chat room.  See what all the buzz is about!


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[19 Jul 2006|04:41pm]


Cure your boredom.

Come play


[14 Jul 2006|04:56pm]

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Two puzzle websites [05 Jul 2006|12:43pm]

Hi there!

I've made a couple of puzzle sites to help cure boredom:

http://www.StickScene.com is a website full of people’s drawings of scenes/posters from movies and TV where you have to guess the name. There are over 400 on there, so that should keep you busy for a while!

http://Puns.StickScene.com is a similar thing, except with puns, phrases, song titles, lyrics, and anything else that can be shown in a non-literal visual form. Currently there are 30 on there, but more are being added every day.

If you're feeling creative then you can make an account and add new puzzles to the sites too. Any standard of artistry is fine, it could be in black and white with stickmen if you want as long as it's guessable!

'Hope you enjoy them! I'm trying to get word around about these sites, so if you know people who would like them then please pass on the links. Thanks!
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Don't mean to spam, thought this may be of interest. [04 Jun 2006|02:48pm]

Hey all!

I thought this may be of interest to some people? I’ve been inspired and have decided to create my own community. Basically an allergy friendly, intolerance friendly,specialist diet friendly community specialising in recipes that are:

Dairy free, Egg free, Gluten-free, Nut Free, Rice Free, Sugar Free, Soy Free, Nightshade veggie free, Seafood free, vegan, vegetarian, and recipes low in: Salicylates, Amines & Glutamate. (I will be adding to this list)

Click here to see its profile: http://community.livejournal.com/special_recipes/profile


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"F" around here! [22 Mar 2006|02:19pm]

A friend told me about this site made by Fuse TV. Just has some major randomness like games and downloads and smelly fish fillets. There is a new fooseball game in the "Fun Zone" area. Funk vs. Folk. The George Clinton character just keeps at it especially when someone gets hit in the groin with the ball. It's so silly and it passes the time.


oh and if you are a mark hoppus fan, you can check out his podcast and blog there, too.
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Neopets [05 Jan 2006|01:53pm]


When you no longer want jeans, you donate them to a charity shop where they’re bought by somebody else. This helps the poor, needy, old and infirm, (or the slightly crazy man who shoplifts from Oxfam. But it’s the thought that counts…)

But what do you do with that old Neopets account? You haven’t played since 1999, and you now spend your Thursday evenings getting drunk/falling over/feeding the baby/watching the goldfish swim aroundandaroundandaroundandarou- rather than earning NP.

Donate Your Old Unwanted Neopets Account! The truth is there are lots of things on Neopets that you can’t get anymore, avatars, trophies, yr2 advent calander prizes, that older users consider worthless, but have in fact retired and become interesting. There must be 358294548358 + unused accounts on Neopets that haven’t been accessed in years, and will never be accessed again by the original owners. Look on it as online scrap merchantry.

You can donate using my Simple Online Form: The BatDatabase


I don’t want accounts that you’re using, or might ever want to use again. I’m only interested in stuff your sick of, don’t want, and have no use for. And PLEASE don’t donate other people’s accounts. If your Mother spends 15+ hours online a day earning NP, this is not the way to get revenge/attention. Try social services instead, or a career as a telephone sex operative.

Q. Is this an illegal scam that I should have you shut down for? SCUM!!?11?!
A. No, this is perfectly legitimate. I’m asking you outright for your username and password so I and the Bratling can access your old neopets account. I’ve asked you in an open forum, I only want finished with accounts, and I haven’t contacted anybody through the Neopets site. No money is changing hands and the Mafia is not involved.

Q. What do I get in return?
A. Nothing I’m afraid. Maybe some neat karma, and if you ask me I’ll feed your pets, put them in the pound, or what ever tidying up jobs you want doing to the account, but that’s all I can do. But to be honest, do you ask Oxfam to buy your old jeans?

Any further Questions? Ask below.

The BatDatabase
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[24 Dec 2005|09:15am]

I just opened a new art journal. :D Come take a look if you're intrested.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Why Chemical Treatment is NOT the solution to Chemical Imbalances [21 Dec 2005|01:09pm]

The source of the chemical imbalance is not being treated. Only the vessel which holds the chemicals.

The source is our habits.

An example:

One real danger of emerging oneself in the occult,
is a loosening of one's grip upon the common essentials of life.

By virtue of "personal interest", temple ritual easily replaces dwelling/thinking/living space ritual.

What does this tell you about people?


A lack of real comprehension of this phrase in the occultist can be a screaming red flag,
as it may give way to an equaly proportonate lack of rationality in may other places, causing delusion.

In correspondance to the lack of gnosis (deep personal experience through practice) in regard to this phrase, you may as well find it predictable that this person does not possess a realistic understanding to correspond with one's projection (intention) of energy into the universe.

How can an occultist practice their most effective work if they do not even think of things such as "how you think is directly proportionate to what you say", "how you feel is directly proportionate to how you move" and "what you do is directly proportionate to what you get"?

[Also, I must add, how you keep your dwelling/thinking/living space is an exoteric macrocosm which you are living in, that acts as a 'vehicle' for your "surronding intentions". A material manifestation & expression of your desires which you are sharing with the all, as there is subtle (and not-so subtle) symbolic value in all mater which surrounds you.]

Occult knowledge means jack shit, when you lack skills in life.

If people were here, feeling defeated, they may say something like "Well, we can't ALL be as strong as you!"

This, of couse is poppycock.

We can all be as strong as we chose.

Those who chose to be victims, havn't the strength to accept responsibility for their own downfalls.
"Things happen" to them on a vey real level, because they've hypnotized themselves to this condition or state where this is the way their mind processes reality. This is what their perception tells them. That the world outside of their bodies is what made them how they are.

Oh, yes, it has. This is true..

They have allowed their environment to shape and mold them, by virtue of a chronological chain of reactions during their emotionally formative years.

Their mind processes the world as "out to get" them.

When this phenomenon happens in an intense and repetitious enough frequency, we have schizophrenia.
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might apply to someone... [16 Nov 2005|04:43pm]

I am trying to get more people in my community. If it applies to you, please join in. If not, I hope this slowed being board for a minute!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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boredom [21 Oct 2005|09:46pm]
[ mood | impressed ]

i was so bored.......i joined a bored community..... *reader gasps*

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[19 Oct 2005|02:32pm]


I need to get a job. I hate applying for jobs, though. I am so lazy. I am so procrastinative. I am afraid of people. People are big plogging mooing cows of death and intimidation. All jobs seem boring. Standing around for hours, sitting around for hours. Moo m oo mooo mooom oo mo ojm o moa..



tHIS is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but with a whimper.

Sell some sarongs to pay for your bongs.

Swedish moms are the best kind of bombs.

Human Beings: Always fucking around and getting in my way, from the womb to the tomb.

Yes. That is a recipe for chicken pot pie. Why do you ask?

Chicken's ass taste so good with gravy and carrots all over it.

This radio station is so fucking boring. All the play is the same retarded shit over and over again. And by shit, I mean words. All it is is people saying words over and over again. In English. Just English words, all day, every day. Forever. Except for that one hour a week when they do it in Spanish. And sometimes when they have music breaks. But mostly it is words. All the time with the sentences and the pauses and punctuation. The speaking and replying. The debating and the calling in and what have you. BORING BORING BORING. Shut the fuck up. Music stations are even worse.
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waiting for time to speed up [17 Sep 2005|04:11pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

i got ready for work.
and i dont have to leave for another 15 minutes.
so, im wondering the internet,
doing my little routine everytime i get online:
check email, look at LJ, and look at myspace.
there really isnt more to do than that...
well, for me that is.

im bored.

im thinking about turning on the tv,
but by the time i find something good to watch
ill have to leave it with disappointment.

::looks round::

otay...im done.

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Movie meme! [05 Sep 2005|05:58pm]

[ mood | nerdy ]

must be really bored but yesterday I found these movie screencaps meme thing somewhere and thought that would be extremely cool to do myself *yay* So I searched the net for screencaps and here it comes. Most is quite simple I think, but two or three would be quite cool to guess :) Have fun!

01.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

(More under the fake cut)

looking forward to meeting ya!

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